Covering the Clean Energy Revolution.

[Editor's Note: Under Site Development]

This site is a placeholder for Fired Up Media. Site Development will commence upon return of the team from the UN Climate Negotiations in Bali. See Bali Buzz or It’s Getting Hot in Here for more information.

Fired Up Media is a new media network – by and for youth – that is nimble, global, with full-spectrum capacity to cover the most important story of our time, the impact of global warming and the construction of a clean energy economy powerful enough to build a more just world.


Through the training of a global network of youth climate activists and writers in powerful new organizing and communications tools, Fired Up Media will empower the global youth climate movement to face up to the challenge of our and all future generations.


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About Richard Graves

Richard, VP, Business Development for Ethical Electric is a veteran of online organizing and online media, clean energy entrepreneurship, and mission-related investing. The founder of Fired Up Media and Editor of It's Getting Hot in Here, he served as VP of Project Finance for Solar Mosaic, the Online Organizer for the Webby-nominated, 17 million person TckTckTck campaign and as an angel investor in and board member to startups, such as Skyline Innovations, Faraday Bicycles, and He graduated from the Center for Progressive Leadership's Executive Fellowship and the NextGen Fellowship in Mission Related Investing, as well as Macalester College, where he developed the first student-led Clean Energy Revolving Fund. He also has been known to collect and use cooking equipment from around the world and might just make you something, if you ask nicely. View all posts by Richard Graves

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