Fired Up Mentors? Edward Burtynsky


I am focusing on someone who I have been following for a little bit, Edward Burtynsky. He is a photographer who has specialized in stunning images of altered and manufactured landscapes. He has taken these photos that simply stun the viewer.

Here is the first image I ever saw of his, on the cover of Granta.

However, I was watching a talk that he gave for the TED conference when I thought that he was on an amazingly similar wavelength to the efforts of Fired Up Media. His images are global, believe in the power of art and media to inspire change, and he believes that sustainability will come from this generation and he wants to reach a young audience.

When Burtynsky accepted his 2005 TED Prize, he made three wishes. One of his wishes: to build a website that will help kids think about going green. Thanks to WGBH and the TED community, the new site, Meet the Greens, debuted at TED2007. His second wish: to begin work on an Imax film — and this work is now ongoing. And his third wish, wider in scope, was simply to encourage “a massive and productive worldwide conversation about sustainable living.” Thanks to his help and the input of the TED community, the site got an infusion of energy that has helped it to grow into a leading voice in the sustainability community. Source: TED

Here at Fired Up Media, we have some amazing young photographers who would love to take this work to the next level. I think that perhaps it is time to try and have a talk with him and see if we can figure out how to make both of our wishes come true.

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Richard, VP, Business Development for Ethical Electric is a veteran of online organizing and online media, clean energy entrepreneurship, and mission-related investing. The founder of Fired Up Media and Editor of It's Getting Hot in Here, he served as VP of Project Finance for Solar Mosaic, the Online Organizer for the Webby-nominated, 17 million person TckTckTck campaign and as an angel investor in and board member to startups, such as Skyline Innovations, Faraday Bicycles, and He graduated from the Center for Progressive Leadership's Executive Fellowship and the NextGen Fellowship in Mission Related Investing, as well as Macalester College, where he developed the first student-led Clean Energy Revolving Fund. He also has been known to collect and use cooking equipment from around the world and might just make you something, if you ask nicely. View all posts by Richard Graves

One response to “Fired Up Mentors? Edward Burtynsky

  • Robert vanWaarden

    Burtynsky is a man whose work I greatly admire. His large format landscape photography is nothing short of incredible and I have spent countless hours studying and admiring his work. His personal vision and professional sense is an inspiration to all conservation photographers. I would welcome the opportunity to bring him on board. Let me know how I can help out.

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