Fired Up Media Team Poznan

Fired Up Media is an award-winning network of videographers, photographers, bloggers, and journalists reporting from the front lines of the youth climate movement and disseminating through Fired Up Media’s online and offline outlets. The network has grown out the diverse media projects of the youth climate movement, such as It’s Getting Hot in Here – dispatches from the youth climate movement. Fired Up Media is currently producing the Fired Up: Youth Report, in partnership with LinkTV‘s EarthFocus. Fired Up Media is a project of the Earth Island Institute.

Fired Up Media is harnessing dynamic advances in digital communications and new media, creative social entrepreneurship, and existing youth media on and off-campus to build a revolutionary media network.

Through the training of a global network of youth climate activists and writers in powerful new organizing and communications tools, Fired Up Media will empower the global youth climate movement to face up to the challenge of our and future generations.

Meet our Team
Awards Received by Fired Up Media

Our Wishlist

Fired Up Media is currently looking for the following in-kind contributions or pro-bono use of the following to further our mission of empowering young people to become media-makers telling the stories of youth leadership and entrepreneurship in the face of the climate challenge. Contributions are tax-deductible.

  • Office Space in Washington, DC and/or Bay Area.We are seeking space for 1 or 2 people and a small amount of audio/video equipment in these two cities.
  • Apple Computer Equipment – MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Mini, iMacs, and compatible flatscreen monitors. Also, an NTSC production monitor.
  • Digital Video Cameras – Panasonic DVX/HVX (Or other 3-chip camcorders), Canon HV-20s, Flip Cameras.
  • Storage Media – Raid Servers > 2TB, External harddrives (firewire or USB 2.0) > 500 GB.
  • Cables – Firewire (particularly 9-9, 9-4), XLR Audio, XLR to 1/8″ Audio, DVI-M to HDMI, HDMI, Any connector adapters
  • Camera Accessories - KATA or Solar-Powered Camera Bag, Fluid-head Tripod, Monopod, Wireless Microphones/Boom, Camera-mountable lights, MiniDV Tapestock, AA/9v recharger and rechargeable batteries
  • Audio – Professional Audio Recorders, USB Microphone , USB Audio Recorder
  • Software and Legal Licenses – Final Cut Studio 2/Pro 6/Express, Adobe CS4, Highrise, Lexis-Nexis

For More Information or to Contribute an item from our Wishlist, Contact: Richard Graves, Project Director, Fired Up Media

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