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Robert van Waarden is a photographer that focuses on climate change and social innovation. He has spent the last six years focusing on the social movements enacting change and the human and geographical effects of a changing climate. Van Waarden believes in the power of photography to make a difference. He believes that photographers play a key role in helping shift this world towards a thriving and sustainable future.

Photography – Best of the Climate Conference in Copenhagen

Gallery of the ‘Best of’ images from COP 15 in Copenhagen.

Images ©Robert vanWaarden

The Snow Left Us and Moved to Other Places

Reporting for Project Survival Media in Romania.
By Andrada Farcău with images by Mihai Giurgiu.

©Mihai Giurgiu

Romania was a land of diversity. We used to have four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Now we are having two seasons. So, what can be the reason of changing? It could be a natural transformation, just a temporary phenomena or the global warming. All Romanian people are affected by this change: their lands are not that good as before, their fruit production has problems and people have to fight more against the floods. The Romanian scientists say that we can’t prove yet if one of the causes is global warming or not and if the human race is responsible of it.

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