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Fired Up Media Headlines Earth Island Journal

This fall’s Earth Island Journal featured a article on the Climate Bill and the BP oil disaster and a report on local solutions by Project Survival Media. We are excited to have our work featured in the award-winning journal published by Earth Island, our sponsor. Check out the articles and subscribe to the magazine to support quality environmental journalism. -Richard Graves

Devil’s Bargain: How the BP Disaster Sank the Climate Bill

A week after the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded, entertainer Rush Limbaugh suggested that environmentalists had caused the disaster in order to pass cap-and-trade legislation that wouldn’t include new offshore drilling or loan guarantees for the nuclear industry. A massive environmental disaster, on the eve of the fortieth Earth Day celebration, right before the planned introduction of the Senate climate bill — the timing, as Limbaugh noted, seemed too pat. And, in fact, toward the end of the failed Copenhagen climate talks last December, some despondent green campaigners privately confided to each other that they thought only a major disaster could build the public pressure to enact policies sufficiently ambitious to tackle global warming.

If only. Because four months later, the Gulf oil spill, rather than putting anti-environmental senators on the defensive and coalescing the movement for climate legislation, has shattered the fragile alliance that environmental advocates had built in the US Senate. In July, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that the climate bill was dead, saying, “We know we don’t have the votes,” and suggesting instead a package that lifts the liability limits on oil companies and contains some relatively minor energy initiatives.

How, exactly, did the BP blowout frustrate the assumptions of both right-wing radio shock jocks and progressive environmentalists? The counterintuitive result grew out of the byzantine politics of the Senate and the increasingly desperate compromises many environmental groups have felt forced into as time runs out to tackle climate change. The big green groups — frantic to pass a bill before the mid-term elections — thought they could use a proposed expansion of offshore drilling to attract the votes of senators hesitant to put a price on carbon. With the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon, that scheme backfired and sunk, too.
Read the full article at the Earth Island Journal.

Project Survival Media

Local Solutions

As governments fail to take necessary action on climate change, ordinary people the world over are becoming innovators. People are finding real solutions that empower communities and ensure their survival. Over the next 18 months, will document and share these solutions via regular “updates from the field,” from five continents. Stories will focus on a variety of areas related to sustainable community development.

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Fired Up Media Roundup

So, we tend to write a bit at Fired Up Media. I mean, it is part of our mission, so it makes sense. However, as another part of our mission is projecting the youth voice into the global conversation on building a sustainable future, we tend to write at a number of different sites. So, to give you all an idea of what we have been writing recently and where you can find it, we are doing a roundup. I hope you find it interesting and see the diversity of topics that Fired Up folks are tackling at any one time.

Madeline J. Kovacs : SolveClimate & It’s Getting Hot in Here-  Jul 26th, 2009 – Students Lead Charge to Power School with Renewable Energy

Richard Graves: – Friday July 24, 2009 –  Unregulated Carbon Credit Markets Threaten Local Sustainability Projects Worldwide

Kevin Kim: It’s Getting Hot in Here – July 21st, 2009 – A Green Way Forward? US/China Launches Joint Energy Research Center

Richard Graves: It’s Getting Hot in HereJuly 14th, 2009- Unity over Divisiveness: Generational Approaches to the Climate Crisis

We will do another round-up soon, as we are writing up articles for’s eJournal USA and other publications, so keep an eye out!

COP 14 International Youth Delegation

So here it goes, the unveiling of the Global Youth Climate Movement’s work in Poznan, Poland, for COP 14 at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change:

To Download this video, click here. It’s the video labeled COP14 (Say What You Want).

And the other video:

To download this, click here . It is labeled COP 14 (teardrop)

Fired Up Media wins Project Slingshot!

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Introducing Fired Up Media
Project Slingshot Winners Announced!
Focus the Nation and CLIF MOJO Award Three Innovative Young Leaders [pdf]
Focus the Nation
They’ve been Slingshot-ted

Cross-posted from It’s Getting Hot in Here, originally by Minna Brown of Focus the Nation.

Millions of people are celebrating and rallying for climate action this Earth Day, but we’re also seeing how dedicated young people are to spending more than just one day working to pass legislation and find community solutions to global warming. Today, Focus the Nation and Clif MOJO are proud to announce three projects that will be examples of that determination to make positive and sustainable change through Project Slingshot

After weeks of deliberation, the Project Slingshot judges have zeroed in on three projects to propel from ideas into action this summer with grants of $10,000 each. With 45 great applications full of ideas on how to spark more youth action on climate change, the judges didn’t have an easy job, but the winners stood out for their commitment to innovation and to broadening this movement in tangible ways. The lucky three are:

Maya Donelson, Graze the Roof, San Francisco, CA, will integrate local organic food production and the efficiency gains of a green roof with an edible green roof at Glide, a diverse San Francisco church and nonprofit located in the Tenderloin District serving low income and marginalized people. Students from Glide’s Training and Employment Services Youth Build Program will construct and maintain the garden.

Richard Graves, Fired Up Youth Action TV, Washington, D.C., will produce five minute news segments covering youth issues ranging from education, to politics, to jobs and the economy, to entertainment and culture – all through the lens of the most important challenges facing young people: the impact of global warming and the construction of a cleaner, more just economy and society.

Jesse Hough, Sunnyside Neighborhood Energy Project, Portland, OR, will run a summer “think-and-do tank” institute that will engage students to help advance an innovative, community-owned, thermal district energy system utilizing low carbon energy supplies to provide space heating and cooling and domestic hot water to a mixed residential/commercial neighborhood of Portland, Oregon

These projects will serve as replicable models for all of us to become more involved and Maya, Richard and Jesse will be sure to keep getting the word out about how their projects are going.

Around the Web: Introducing Fired Up Media

[Editor's Note: This is what I posted on It's Getting Hot in Here to announce who we are and what we are up to.]

So, if you are regular reader of It’s Getting Hot in Here, you may have noticed that I have been a little absent recently. Why, you might ask, as what could be more exciting than sharing information with the youth climate movement? Well, I have been working on a project behind-the-scenes that I want to share with you all.

I have been working on launching Fired Up Media. Let me take you for a spin. Fired Up Media just won Project Slingshot for our Youth Action TV proposal, so we are terrifically excited and want to tell all of you about what we are doing!

What is Fired Up Media? Fired Up Media is a growing network of videographers, editors, and journalists reporting from the front lines of the youth climate movement and disseminating through the Fired Up Virtual Newsroom. The network has grown out the diverse media projects of the youth climate movement, such as It’s Getting Hot in Here, I Shot Power Shift, and CSSC TV.

Fired Up Media is harnessing dynamic advances in digital communications and new media, creative social entrepreneurship, and existing youth media on and off-campus to build a revolutionary media network. Read more here.

What do we do? Fired Up Media is launching two major projects this summer, Fired Up: Youth Action TV and Fired Up Africa.

Read more after the fold.

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