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Project Survival Media Launches as Independent Earth Island Project


Over the last two years, it has been my pleasure to work with Shadia Wood and Madeline Kovacs, who started working with Fired Up Media several years ago. We had some terrific successes together, covering the Poznan Climate talks for LinkTV, training dozens of young journalists at Power Shift 07 and 09, and especially – the launch of Project Survival Media.

Now, after getting the program launched in the chaos of the lead-up to the Copenhagen Climate talks and bringing incredible youth journalists from countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to report on the negotiations – Project Survival Media is now standing on its own (Support them!) – an independent project of the Earth Island Institute.

Shadia has had a lot of experience with Earth Island, as  a Brower Youth Award winner, one of the first staff members working with the Energy Action Coalition and at the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative, and lately, with Fired Up Media. It is going to be exciting watching her take on the challenges of coordinating a network reporting from the front-lines of climate change. f you have questions about PSM’s program, media content, or being a Team Leader or Team Member, please contact Shadia.

Madeline has likewise had a lot of experience in the field, dating from our time together at MacCARES at Macalester College, to her work with Focus the Nation, Working Films, and now as the co-coordinator of Project Survival Media. If you would like to donate to the project, have questions about PSM’s website, or are an organization looking to partner with us, please contact Madeline.

It is exciting to see their success and I hope you check out their new effort, Solutions for Survival. It is going to be awesome. If you agree, support Project Survival Media today and just wait till you see the impact of a global youth journalism network dedicated to broadcasting stories of survival and ingenuity in the face of climate change.

I will be involved as a board member and I will be working to raise money, help where I can, and find opportunities to connect Fired Up Media platforms and training programs with Project Survival Media’s reporting teams.

-Richard Graves

Big Summer Activities, Fall Plans

October 2009 Update On: Project Survival Media, Contributing, Photography, Consultancy, & Our New Home

Project Survival Media: After a rigorous application and selection process, Project Survival Media (PSM) has seven talented youth new media teams, one on every continent. These teams are producing six professional mini-documentaries, 70 professional photographs, and over 100 blogs in the lead up to COP 15 in Copenhagen this December.

Then, teams are distributing content through youth blogs in 15 languages, online and offline news outlets. We will be showing delegates what is happening on the front lines of the climate crisis in their region, what it is doing to the people they are sworn to serve and protect. We are taking the message to our delegates at Copenhagen: As you negotiate our planet’s climate, “Survival is not Negotiable.”

Team leaders have compiled a media pitch that we are using to approach hosts and syndication partners, as well as some outlets who want to pay for original content. It’s awesome. We also made this video, 350=Survival, with Jon Warnow of Read the conversation below the YouTube post – a prime example on how a video like this can help educate on climate change.

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Unite for Climate: Platform for youth climate solutions

Children and young people have a new platform to engage in climate solutions, with the launch of today at the International Children & Youth Conference in Daejeon, Republic of Korea.UNICEF, as part of a diverse coalition of UN agencies, civil society groups, youth activists, universities, and private partners, built the open-source online engagement platform for youth people and children to collaborate on solutions to climate change.

Young people from the developed world have pioneered uses of new media for advocacy and partnered with youth networks around the the world to build platforms, like However, UNICEF and the other Unite for Climate partners have developed appropriate technology to connect young people without access to the internet and computers or in low-bandwidth areas, by using SMS polls and other online-to-mobile technology to reach youth in the developing world.

Another focus of the effort is online video, with low cost video-camera manufacturer FlipCam, YouTube, and the 1 minute to save the world contest coming together to provide equipment, host content, and screen video. Alongside the online video initiative, the site will have social networking tool available on the Unite for Climate site, for young citizens engaged in facing the challenge of climate change.

The platform was unveiled at the TUNZA International Children and Youth Conference in Daejeon, Republic of Korea, which is organized by the youth network affiliated with the UN Environment Program, TUNZA. Children and youth from some 110 countries participated in the launch of United for Climate, as well as released a statement they are delivering to world leaders.

The statement, titled “Listen to Our Voices”, led with this statement

We, young people – 3 billion of the world population – are concerned and frustrated that our governments are not doing enough to combat climate change. We feel that radical and holistic measures are needed urgently from us all. We now need more actions and less talking.”

The statement also made commitments by young people to work for sustainable solutions, work to green schools, campuses, and communities, as well as mobilize around the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen, this fall.

To support this youth commitment on campuses and schools, Unite for Climate will connect at least 150 schools around the globe from September 2009. The Connecting Classrooms project will foster dialogue on climate change between school children, and is supported by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), the Earth Institute at Columbia University and the Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development.

For more information:

United for Climate:

Youth Climate Debates:

Youth Climate:

It’s Getting Hot in Here – dispatches from the youth climate movement –

Fired Up Media Roundup

So, we tend to write a bit at Fired Up Media. I mean, it is part of our mission, so it makes sense. However, as another part of our mission is projecting the youth voice into the global conversation on building a sustainable future, we tend to write at a number of different sites. So, to give you all an idea of what we have been writing recently and where you can find it, we are doing a roundup. I hope you find it interesting and see the diversity of topics that Fired Up folks are tackling at any one time.

Madeline J. Kovacs : SolveClimate & It’s Getting Hot in Here-  Jul 26th, 2009 – Students Lead Charge to Power School with Renewable Energy

Richard Graves: – Friday July 24, 2009 –  Unregulated Carbon Credit Markets Threaten Local Sustainability Projects Worldwide

Kevin Kim: It’s Getting Hot in Here – July 21st, 2009 – A Green Way Forward? US/China Launches Joint Energy Research Center

Richard Graves: It’s Getting Hot in HereJuly 14th, 2009- Unity over Divisiveness: Generational Approaches to the Climate Crisis

We will do another round-up soon, as we are writing up articles for’s eJournal USA and other publications, so keep an eye out!

Introducing our Summer Intern, Kevin Kim

n1531710854_30514474_1488I wanted to introduce our summer intern, Kevin Kim, who is coming to us from the Washington Workshops Foundation. They have the pretty awesome URL of, if you want to check them out. I was invited to open their their Washington Congressional Seminar with a talk on youth, politics, new media, and civic engagement. They introduced me to Kevin and now he is working with us for this summer. He is going to help out writing some manuals and articles and help out with graphic design, logistics, and some web work.

He wrote:

Hey, everyone. My name is Kevin Kim and I’m from the Orange County in California. I’ve been involved with a youth rights organization, many student groups, and grassroots political campaigning, and I hope to bring a new perspective to Fired Up and help you guys out on your projects. I’m really happy that I get the rare opportunity to actually roll up my sleeves and do some serious work that could bring about an important change in the youth climate movement today. I know we’ll have a great time.

Fired Up: Youth Report on International Youth at Poznan Climate Talks

I am very excited to tell all of you that we have completed our Fired Up: Youth Report segment on the International Youth Delegation at the Poznan climate talks.

EarthFocus 12

This was a painstaking endeavor, involving serious project coordination, fundraising, and accreditation to the UN climate talks to spend two weeks filming the work, struggle, and the aspirations of the young people from over 54 countries that came to demand that their future and that of the most vulnerable be protected. It is airing as part of EarthFocus 12 and has been partnered with a piece on climate change and how it threatens the survival of Island Nations, focusing in this episode on the Maldives. We interviewed a Nobel Peace Prize Winner – Dr. Pauchauri and youth from countries all over the world. Take a look!

The Maldives/Youth Segment starts at 12:39. It is always hard to distill weeks of work into a few minutes, but I think many of the highlights are covered.

For a little more information about where this will be shown and who helped put this together, here is some information about LinkTV’s EarthFocus.

The Stats:
Earth Focus is broadcast to over 31 million U.S. homes receiving satellite, 6 million cable TV households and is available to millions more worldwide on the Internet ( Link TV is also carried on many U.S. college campuses. Based on a review of other independent media outlets, it appears that Link has the largest audience of any independent print, radio or TV outlet in the U.S. Five million adults watch LinkTV regularly, on average 2.5 hours a week.
Earth Focus is also available on YouTube, Apple iTunes video podcasts, the Participatory Culture Foundation’s Miro Internet TV platform and on During the past 6 months, Earth Focus videos were accessed by iTunes 104,539 times, by Miro 116,621 times and 688,924 times by other video feed services.
The Team:
As to whom, Shadia Wood pulled together the team that flew to and filmed in Poznan, Poland, Christine Irvine did the lion’s share of the filming, along with the Indian Youth Climate Network and Jon Warnow (I did a little, too!), and Raisa Scriabine put the whole episode together. We really all owe her so much, as she is the force behind EarthFocus and a strong supporter of youth produced environmental journalism. Sean McCall edited our cobbled together clips into a TV segment and Alexander K. Smith gave his voice to the piece. This may be the start of year’s work but it is wonderful so many people have contributed to it.
The Funders!
This segment was funded by an award from Focus the Nation and Clif Bar’s Project Slingshot, which are both awesome organizations that do newsworthy things in their own right, check em out!

Reporting, Lots of Reporting, From Poznan, Poland

I just wanted to tell everybody about what Fired Up has been upto at the UN climate negotiations in Poznan, Poland! It has been a rollercoaster, full of ups, downs, and lots of filming!

Yes, we are making our second segment for LinkTV’s Earthfocus – this time with interviews with Nobel Prize winning Rajendra Pauchari, Chair of the IPCC, Yvo de Boer, the UN’s top climate official, Harlan Watson – the controversial lead negotiator for the Bush Administration on climate, and lots of amazing youth activists from around the world.

It has been a bumpy road, as we have been learning (the hard way) the difference between Pal and NTSC film, how to find lighting in pale Poland, and the very, very important difference between 4to6 and 6to6 firewire cable. They really should send film students to these things, they sure would learn a lot. We have had some great help from other youth media folks and I expect a number of them to join us on this list. (I also am thinking of going to film school on the weekends)

However, we haven’t just been filming! We have also been writing, taking photos and more. You will get to see Christine Irvine’s camera work later when we produce the show, but you can see Robert van Waarden, David Wargert, and Shadia Fayne Wood’s photos here: – our own ‘virtual’ photo agency!

I also have been writing a bit:
I wrote this:  “Which Path Will the Youth Climate Movement Take?” – which was published on Common Dreams, Watthead, and Climate Progress.
and This:  “Global Youth Mobilizing to Demand Survival” – which was published by SolveClimate
…and this little post: Introducing – Voices from the International Youth Climate Movement – yes, we finally have a global home for youth climate blogging, videos, and photos. h/t to Jon Warnow for putting it together.

So, exciting times! On the Road to Copenhagen, make sure to hold onto your hat!


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