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New Project Survival Media Website launches at Copenhagen

Project Survival Media‘s new website launched at the Copenhagen International Climate Conference and it looks great! Check it out and get dispatches from Project Survival’s media teams around the world.

Fired Up Media launches Online Organizing Wiki

Hey, everybody. So, in the effort to expand the knowledge base and resources for all the youth climate bloggers and activists out there, we have launched the Fired Up Media Online Organizing Wiki. It will try and showcase the best resources, materials, links, and lessons learned from the new media and online organizing work we have been doing. So please check it out and if you like it, contribute!

The address is in the right hand sidebar, but you can find it here:

Why Our Site is Ugly!

Now our site is ugly for some good reasons…that if you have such a talented crew of web designers…why do a job halfway when you should do it right? A beautiful website takes time and effort. We have plenty to do already getting going and if we make a site at all, it should be amazing or bare-bones in my opinion. However, we also don’t have the design ephemera that is so important for materials and site development – graphics, images, etc. Amanda has volunteered to help out a bit with a logo, but if anybody else wants to step up – that would be awesome.

So the takeaway? We got too much stuff to do to make this site look pretty right now, but when we do it – lets make it right.


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