What is, also known as the Weather Report, is an innovative blog site featuring stories, news and trends on people and communities of color in the ever-expanding green movement.

Why “Checktheweather”?

Starting with the name, the Weather Report ( wants people to know this site is not just for the traditional eco-activist. Regardless of how a person feels about climate change, going green, or recycling, they still have to check the weather. We want to engage readers who may not visit traditional environmental sites such as or

Why is Important?

Throughout American environmental movements there has been a long standing history of discrimination and stereotypes that leave many people of color feeling alienated from traditional environmental marketing and causes. However, Communities of Color are disproportionately impacted by environmental hazards such as toxic waste sites, power plants, lead and other toxic chemicals in the drinking water. Many of the social justice issues faced by communities of color such as poverty, gentrification and voter disenfranchisement can also hinder communities from being environmentally friendly and prepared for any of the predicted drastic impacts of climate change.

Nevertheless, there are legendary and rising leaders who are people of color and working to address environmental and social justice issues. They are students, mothers, administers of the Environmental Protection Agency, hip-hop artists, tribal elders and noted scholars. works to make sure their stories are highlighted to a wider and more diverse audience. The site will create opportunities for intercultural dialogue and mentorship by connecting emerging leaders with prominent figures in their field of interest through interview opportunities. The site will also highlight minority owned green businesses and organizations, new music and eco-fashion.

Who are the Contributing writers?

The contributing writers on are young people of color who are recognized leaders and activist for social and environmental causes. They represent a variety of cultural and regional backgrounds and are not afraid to share their stories and advocate for real and sustained change in America and abroad.

Vision for

Checktheweather will further advance bringing the green movement to the mainstream while successfully advocating for the needs and priorities of communities of color. The Weather Report will be internationally recognized and a top environmental and progressive blog. It will redefine the green movement on an international scale by publicizing unique stories and people that are not covered in traditional climate and environmental news. The site will be used as a catalyst for engaging more people of color in environmental and climate advocacy. Checktheweather will also support the advancement of minority-owned businesses through reviews and advertisement opportunities.

The interviews compiled for Checktheweather will become a book that will highlight this important time in history and the emergence of the new green economy from the perspective of people of color and the communities they serve.

Target Audience:

Primary: Multi-cultural youth between the ages of 13-30. Secondary:  Leaders of progressive movements, Environmental advocates of all ages, mainstream media journalists, secondary education and university instructors.

How You Can Help Build this Vision:

Become a contributing writer: We are looking for leaders of color who have a unique story to tell that will positively advance the mission of We are also looking for daily contributors with strong writing skills that can help with story research and daily news posts.

Share your Story: Are you a recognized environmental leader and a person of color? Do you know diverse leaders we should highlight?  Then we want to set up an interview. We are looking for the best and the brightest to highlight for more information please contact Checktheweather founder, Kari Fulton at 202-340-0976 or

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