Fired Up: Youth Action TV

The Concept: Fired Up is a periodical 5-minute video news segment on climate change, energy, and activism produced by a network of young producers/editors from around the country.

The Team: Fired Up is a growing network of videographers, editors, and journalists reporting from the front lines of the youth climate movement and disseminating through the Fired Up Virtual Newsroom.

The Story: Stories will cover youth issues ranging from education, to politics, to jobs and the economy, to entertainment and culture – all through the lens of the most important challenges facing young people: the impact of global warming and the construction of a cleaner, more just economy and society.

New Media Story Submission and Selection: Fired Up will solicit stories from youth groups and organizations from around the United States in the format of a 250-500 word narrative and an accompanying photo. Stories will be published online on the Fired Up website and syndicated to It’s Getting Hot in Here – dispatches from the youth climate movement. Fired Up‘s reporting teams will select stories of particular merit and interest. Once news segments are produced and aired, they will be uploaded to the web and posted to Fired Up affiliate sites along with the original story that inspired the episode.

A typical show might present a segment about an electric car built by college students, a fun cartoon about installing solar energy in the community, or a story about youth activists struggling to develop a green collar jobs training center. With five short minutes and ten large teams the program will truly be Youth Action TV – fast-paced, entertaining and insightful.

Distribution: In the short term Fired Up has an order from LinkTV‘s program EarthFocus for a minimum of twelve five-minute news blasts to be delivered monthly. News segments will also be disseminated through the Fired Up Media Virtual News Room to news networks from the mainstream to the obscure. and other new/traditional media outlets have expressed interest in such content. This will allow Fired Up to reach beyond their target audience, the 36 percent of young Americans who are civically engaged1, to audiences around the country and the world.

Structure: Through regular check-ins and conference calls, Fired Up Producer/Editor teams will plan out full programs and plot stories. The teams are supplied with cameras, training, and editing equipment, and will be shooting and crafting the stories in their communities. Full programs will be assembled at Fired Up Media’s Washington, DC studio.

Growth Plan: Fired Up‘s partnership with LinkTV will allow the teams’ work and capabilities to incubate. In time, Fired Up Media will bring in greater numbers of teams and journalists from around the country and the world. The Youth Action TV package will expand to fit more stories and perspectives. As the quality and reputation grow programming will be promoted to a greater number of media outlets and partners, such at Discovery Networks or MTV.

For More information, Contact: Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Fired Up: Youth Action TV

1 The 2006 National Civic and Political Health Survey

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